Viper Evaporator / Condenser Coil and Fin Cleaner


and deodorized. Rinsing is required on units that have been removed for repair or do not produce moisture duringVIPER is formulated to penetrate and remove dirt and matted material quickly and easily from air conditioner coils and fins. No rinsing is required if applied in place to a functioning unit that produces moisture. The condensation produced will wash soil away from contacted surfaces, leaving the unit clean operation. An excellent product for air conditioners, central cooling systems, and auto air conditioners. For use in hotels/motels, homes, office buildings, air conditioner services and auto repair services. HMIS Codes: H-1, F-0, R-1, P-A. 12–20 oz. cans/case. 18 oz. net wt.

539 Viper