Thermfog Oil Based Insecticide


THERMFOG is an EPA registered general purpose insecticide formulated for use in all thermal fogging applicators. Controls a broad range of insects, such as house flies, horse flies, deer flies, horn flies, mosquitoes, gnats, roaches, silverfish, earwigs, ants, spiders, carpet beetles, granary weevils, confused flour beetles, grain mites and sawtoothed grain beetles in warehouses, restaurants, airports and industrial institutions as well as small outdoor areas. Contains Resmethrin in a synthetic pyrethroid for quick knockdown. One gallon will treat approximately 95,000 cubic feet of space indoors. Apply outdoors at the rate of 3-3/4 gallons per acre. HMIS Ratings: H-2, F-2, R-1, P-A. Available in gallons (4/cs), 55 gallon drums, 35 gallon drums, 20 gallon drums, 5 or 6 gallon pails.

466 Thermfog