Redi-Patch Self-Adhesive Repair Patch

REDI-PATCH is a fiberglass reinforced multipurpose self-adhesive patch. Easy to apply to hoses, pipes, plumbing fixtures, walls, metal roof flashing. Cures in sunlight or using UV light in enclosed areas. Once cured can be sanded and painted if desired. Multiple patches can be used for extra reinforcement. Patch can be cut into smaller pieces and the remainder saved for future repairs. Use on hoses, PVC pipe and fittings, wood, wallboard, pool equipment, cracks in plastic, tool handles, garden equipment, sprinkler systems, jet skis, sporting goods equipment. Repairs small cracks and holes up to the patch size. HMIS Codes: H-2, F-1, R-1, P-D. 12–3 inch x 6 inch patches per case.

925040 Redi-Patch