Quik-Zinc Galvanize Coating


QUIK-ZINC is a high quality, high solids, heavy duty zinc coating designed to give superior corrosion protection. 93% pure zinc after drying. Protects ferrous metal from oxidation by bonding with it electrochemically. Prevents rust by galvanic action, dries to a flexible coating that bends without chipping. Can be used as a protective final coating or primer wherever iron or steel will be exposed to atmospheric or corrosive conditions. Areas of use include bus barns, refineries, pipe yards, oil rigs and industrial plants. For iron and steel surfaces, air conditioners, truck and auto fleets, automotive bodies, agriculture equipment, fences, metal roofs, metal buildings, metal fabricators, railroad equipment and marine equipment. HMIS Codes: H-1, F-3, R-1, PA. 12–16 oz. cans/case. 14 oz. net wt.

570 Quik-Zinc