Palmer Pine Cleaner

PALMER PINE combines cleaning agents, wetting agents and pine oil to create an industrial strength cleaner to handle tough grease, grime, dirt, oil and other common soils. Readily emulsifies in hard or soft water. Pleasant fragrance remains long after use, aiding in odor control. May be used on floors, walls, marble, plastic, tile, concrete, brick and other hard surfaces. Degreases, deodorizes and cleans with environmentally safe ingredients. Dilute 8 ounces per gallon of water for general cleaning. May be used full strength for tough jobs. As a laundry booster and deodorizer, add 1/2 cup to wash water with regular detergent. Use as a general purpose cleaner, degreaser and deodorant on floors, walls, marble, plastic, concrete, brick, porcelain fixtures, counter tops, ceramic tile and other washable surfaces. Recommended for schools, hospitals, day care centers, veterinarians, factories, offices, animal quarters, airports and industries. HMIS Ratings: H-1, F-0, R-0, P-A. Available in gallons (4/cs), 55 gallon drums, 35 gallon drums, 20 gallon drums, 5 or 6 gallon pails.

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