Moly Tuff Premium Nonmelt Multi-Purpose Moly E.F. Grease

MOLY TUFF is a multi-purpose moly grease containing graphite for hundreds of automotive, marine, industrial and agricultural applications. Extreme pressure additives give resistance to shock and impact. Does not liquefy at high temperatures like soap-based greases, yet remains pumpable at low temperatures. Forms a protective film resisting rust and corrosion. Resists chemical breakdown and oxidation. Water resistant, will not wash out—even with boiling water or steam. For use on high and low speed ball and roller bearings, couplings, mechanical linkages, pumps, universal joints, ball joints and fifth wheels. Use in all areas of industrial maintenance. HMIS Codes: H-0, F-0, R-0, P-A. Available in 14.5 oz. tubes (48/cs), 7 pound cans (6/cs), 45 pound pails, and 120 and 400 pound drums.

L102 Moly Tuff