Insta-Seal Rubberized Coating

INSTA-SEAL is a multipurpose crack sealer and coating that adheres to most substrates. Contains a rapid curing synthetic elastomer with UV blocking materials. Coating is paintable and long lasting. Once cured will help prevent rust and corrosion. Can be applied under wet conditions. Can be applied to painted surfaces. Designed for industrial, construction, HVAC, RV, marine, institutional use for maintenance of buildings, equipment, gutters, roofing repair. Flexible, won’t crack or peel. Use to repair cracks and leaks in roofs, swamp cooler, drip pans, gutters, downspouts, flashing, PVC pipe, drywall, ductwork, pipes, hoses and similar repairs. Adheres to all surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal, brass, bronze, tile. HMIS Codes: H-2, F-4, R-1, P-B. 12–24 oz. cans/case. 16 oz. net wt.

925042 Insta-Seal Black 925043 Insta-Seal White
925044 Insta-Seal Gray