Express Wipes Carpet Spot Remover

CARPET SPOT REMOVER premoistened wipes contain powerful cleaning agents in combination with waste-digesting enzyme-producing bacteria to provide cleaning and odor control in one convenient and easy to use wipe. Quickly removes most common spills, soils, stains and spots. Within seconds of application, stains are lifted from the carpet fiber by cleaning agents and surfactants especially chosen for this application. These cleaning agents and surfactants penetrate the fiber for the most effective cleaning action. The bacteria then activate and go to work digesting any organic matter that is present, reducing odors and leaving carpet clean and smelling fresh. Use to remove stains and odors on carpeting and upholstery in homes, offices, schools, churches, medical facilities, restaurants, vehicles, movie theatres, hotels and more. Removes wine, grease, ink, ketchup, gravy, blood, juice, makeup, coffee, salsa and pet stains. HMIS Codes: H-0, F-0, R-0, P-A. 40 premoistened towels per container, 6 containers per case.

648 Carpet Spot Remover