Duel Flying & Crawling Insect Killer

DUEL is an EPA registered water-based aerosol flying and crawling insect killer. Contains Resmethrin in a synthetic pyrethroid for quick knockdown. The double action formula acts as a space spray to kill and control insects immediately. Also provides three- to four-week residual control of crawling insects. Pleasant cherry fragrance eliminates insecticidal odor. Authorized for nonfood areas of homes, institutions, restaurants and food processing plants. Kills bees, yellow jackets, hornets, houseflies, mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, roaches, earwigs, grain mites, sowbugs, ants, biting flies, aphids, fleas, leafhoppers, adult whiteflies, plant bugs, Japanese beetles, spiders, centipedes, exposed thrips and spittlebugs. HMIS Codes: H-1, F-1, R-1, P-A. 12–20 oz. cans/case. 15 oz. net wt.

451 Duel