Charge Drain Opener and Degreaser


CHARGE is a natural solvent-based product designed to clear clogged drain lines. The high pressure spray through an 18" tube penetrates quickly to the source of the problem and immediately begins to dissolve grease, body oils and soap. Nonacid, noncaustic and contains no chlorinated solvents. Lessens need for expensive service calls to unclog drains. Harmless to plumbing and disposals. Leaves a pleasant citrus fragrance. Works great in showers, bathtubs, drain lines, grease traps and drains. Excellent for use in industrial plants, schools, hotels/motels, restaurants and janitorial services. HMIS Codes: H-1, F-2, R-1, P-A. 12–20 oz. cans/case. 16 oz. net wt.

205 Charge