Bodacious High Pressure, Nonmelt Red Grease


BODACIOUS is a high temperature, nonmelting, inorganic red grease which will withstand temperatures up to 375°F. It sprays out as a thick liquid which transforms into a grease in minutes. This product penetrates, lubricates and prevents rust on all metal parts. Containing a high pressure additive, it reduces wear and extends operating life of all parts and machinery. It prevents seizing and loosens frozen parts. It contains no fluorinated solvents, making it more environmentally friendly than its traditional counterparts. Areas of use include farms, oil rigs and refineries, bottling plants, dairies, paper mills, cotton gins, air conditioning, industrial plants, textile plants, lumber mills, cement plants and automotive/motorcycle/ marine repair. HMIS Codes: H-1, F-3, R-1, P-A. 12–16 oz. cans/case. 12 oz. net wt.

572 Bodacious