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Pink Dishwash Concentrated Dishwashing Detergent

PINK DISHWASH is specially formulated for sparkling clean dishes and spot free glasses. This product is lotionized with delicate skin conditioners to prevent skin dryness and cracking. No harsh alkalis to irritate skin. Provides a controlled pH. Performs well in hard water. Leaves no scum or film on utensils when rinsed well. May also be used on fine fabrics such as lingerie, nylons and woolens. Excellent for use in restaurants, hotels/motels, hospitals, institutions, schools and homes.

Pistol Foaming Germicidal Cleaner

PISTOL is designed for general cleaning and disinfecting. When used as directed, this product is formulated to disinfect inanimate hard surfaces. Pistol demonstrates effective disinfection against staphylococcus aureus, salmonella choleraesuis and pseudomonas aeruginosa, thus meeting requirements for hospital use. Efficacy tests have demonstrated that it is an effective one-step cleaner-disinfectant in the presence of organic soil (5% blood serum). This broad spectrum germicide is an excellent convenience product for a variety of cleaning tasks. Ready-to-use.

Kling Oven and Fryer Cleaner

KLING is formulated to penetrate, loosen and liquefy grease, oil, carbon and baked-on food from fryers, ovens, hoods, grills, racks, drip pans and rotisseries. The thick formula stays where applied, even on vertical surfaces, to allow longer contact time for thorough cleaning action. Kling tackles the toughest kitchen grease with ease. No mixing or pouring required. HMIS Codes: H-3, F-0, R-1, P-D. Available in gallons (4/cs), 55 gallon drums, 35 gallon drums, 20 gallon drums, 5 or 6 gallon pails.

282 Kling

Gleam Nonammoniated Glass Cleaner

GLEAM cleans glass, porcelain, tile and vinyl. Dries quickly, leaving no residue behind to streak cleaned surfaces. Leaves glass sparkling. Removes oil, greasy fingerprints, bugs, lipstick and other soils found on glass surfaces. Combines emulsifiers, surfactants and solvents to give rapid cleaning action. Spray on and wipe off. HMIS Codes: H-1, F-0, R-0, P-A. Available in quarts (12/cs), gallons (4/cs), 55 gallon drums, 35 gallon drums, 20 gallon drums, 5 or 6 gallon pails.

280 Gleam

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