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Specialty Products

Inferno Municipal Sewer Compound

INFERNO sewer compound is a powerful chemical compound made for MUNICIPALITIES. When activated by water this product will generate heat, generate agitation, emulsify grease, emulsify oil, attack roots and digest paper. This highly effective compound provides deep penetration, is noncorroding, will attack hardened detergents and contains a highly visible tracing color. Excellent for use in drain pipes and sewage lines. For use in schools, institutions, restaurants, factories, hotels/motels and municipalities. HMIS Codes: H-2, F-0, R-1, P-B. Available in 50 lb. pails.

Kong Concrete Cleaner

KONG Concrete Cleaner is an alkaline based powdered cleaner that contains d-Limonene. Quickly penetrates soiled concrete surfaces to lift out stains, grease, oil, dirt, grime and similar deposits from concrete and other washable surfaces. Changes color from orange to green to show it is activated. Use directly on concrete or add to water for general purpose cleaning. Can also be used on wood, plastic, metal and painted surfaces. Areas of use include soak tanks, kitchen floors, driveways, sidewalks, entryways, heavy equipment, painted surfaces and other hard surfaces.

Contain Spill Absorbent


CONTAIN Spill Absorbent is designed to absorb almost any liquid spill. Absorbs up to 60 times its own weight in liquid. Nontoxic, nonflammable, environmentally safe. Absorbs more liquid than clay and sand products. Spills are quickly and easily contained with minimal mess. Also deodorizes the area being cleaned. Use to clean up vomit, blood, urine, oil, syrup, soda, juice and more. Areas of use include schools, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, auto repair shops, movie theaters, child care centers and more. HMIS Codes: H-1, F-0, R-0, P-A. 6–1 lb. tubs per case.

Sani-Nozzle Soda Machine Nozzle Cleaner

SANI-NOZZLE Soda Machine Nozzle Cleaner is designed to break down and dissolve build up in soft drink machine parts and hoses. Quickly dissolves in water to give a strong cleaning solution. Contains strong cleaning agents, emulsifiers and wetting agents to provide quick and thorough cleaning of all soda machine parts. For use in theaters, convenience stores, sports arenas, restaurants, hotels/motels, anywhere that a soft drink dispensing system might be expected to be installed. HMIS Codes: H-2, F-0, R-0, P-A. 6–2 lb. tubs per case.

P201 Sani-Nozzle

Time Saver Purple PVC Primer


TIME SAVER PURPLE PVC PRIMER is specially formulated for use with PVC cements. Fast-acting water-thin primer can be used on white and gray schedule 40 and 80 PVC pipe, CPVC pipe and ABS pipe. Promotes better adhesion of cement. Works on pipe with diameters up to 3 inches. Meets or exceeds ASTM-F656. Eliminates waste—works better than dauber can. Use for repairing pipes, fittings, sprinkler systems, HVAC installations, construction and industrial plants. HMIS Codes: H-1, F-3, R-0, PA. 12–8 oz. cans per case. 5.5 oz. net weight.

Time Saver PVC Cement

TIME SAVER PVC CEMENT is a medium-base cement for use on gray and white Schedule 40 and 80 PVC pipe. Can also be used on CPVC pipe. This multipurpose cement sprays on quickly, sets clear and fast (within 30 minutes). Can be used on diameters up to 3 inches. Eliminates waste from used dauber cans evaporating over time. Always ready when needed. Use with or without primer. Long-lasting— eliminates waste. Not recommended for use on yellow pvc pipe used in gas applications. Use for repairing pipes, fittings, sprinkler systems, HVAC installations, construction and industrial plants.

Insta-Seal Rubberized Coating

INSTA-SEAL is a multipurpose crack sealer and coating that adheres to most substrates. Contains a rapid curing synthetic elastomer with UV blocking materials. Coating is paintable and long lasting. Once cured will help prevent rust and corrosion. Can be applied under wet conditions. Can be applied to painted surfaces. Designed for industrial, construction, HVAC, RV, marine, institutional use for maintenance of buildings, equipment, gutters, roofing repair. Flexible, won’t crack or peel.

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