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Skidew Mildrew Stain Remover

SKIDEW is designed to quickly remove mold and mildew stains on contact without scrubbing. No dilution required, eliminating mess and waste. Skidew contains sodium hypochlorite to work where conventional cleaners won’t. Also contains a fresh pine fragrance. Use regularly to prevent stains from coming back. For use on bathroom tiles, grout, painted surfaces, brick, concrete, shower curtains, stalls, mats, awnings and vinyl canopies, auto and boat vinyl tops, tents, equipment, outdoor furniture, ceilings, walls and poolside areas. See label for detailed precautions.

Fiesta Rtu Odor Counteractant

FIESTA RTU Odor Counteractant chemically works to neutralize unpleasant odors. Use as a space spray to eliminate odors in the air. Use as a surface spray to eliminate odors on tile, porcelain, formica and other washable surfaces. Effective on all types of odors produced by cigarette and cigar smoke, urine, vomit, excrement, garbage, fire damage and cooking odors. Biodegradable, nonflammable, nonstaining and economical. Long-lasting mulberry fragrance.

Rust-Buster Rust Remover

RUST-BUSTER removes rust, iron and mineral deposit stains from laundry, carpeting and upholstery. Test product in an inconspicuous area of carpet or fabric for compatibility. Apply Rust-Buster directly to the stain full-strength. Allow a short time for Rust-Buster to break down the stain. Blot with a clean towel. Be sure to use a clean section of the towel to reblot. For laundry, wash immediately after treatment. For use in homes, offices, hotels/motels, schools, offices and department stores. HMIS Codes: H-3, F-0, R-2, P-D. 12–16 oz. (pints) per case.

Open Up Alkaline Drain Opener

OPEN UP is a powerful ready-to-use caustic drain opener and maintainer. This product will clear clogged drains of hair, paper, grease, oil and other organic matter. Works within minutes. Keeps drain lines open and thus reduces malodors generated by rancid material. The caustic chemicals convert grease-like matter from hard, insoluble material to soapy, water soluble material. May be used on vitreous china or porcelain. No fumes or offensive odor. For unclogging drains and pipes in restaurants, apartment buildings, water treatment plants, factories, hotels/motels, schools and offices.

Gone Carpet Stain Remover

GONE carpet stain remover is a water-based spot and stain remover. Contains degreasers and surfactants which rapidly clean all types of stains without damaging fabrics. Use on carpets and upholstery. Contains an odor modifier to destroy noxious odors, leaving a pleasant fragrance. This excellent spot remover is formulated for use in hotels/motels, homes, offices, hospitals, automobiles, institutions, restaurants, schools and trucks. Removes blood, catsup, ink, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, milk, ice cream, dirt, mud, urine, coffee, tea, grease, oil and vomit.

Digest Plus Enzyme Producing Nonpathogenic Bacteria

DIGEST PLUS is a concentrated blend of living aerobic and anaerobic bacteria specially selected and adapted for their ability to produce large amounts of amylase, protease, cellulase and lipase enzymes which are important in degrading common sanitary wastes. The bacteria are considered “new generation” and are impervious to bleach, disinfectants and acids. Use in drains, grease traps and septic tanks to quickly degrade wastes and reduce odors. Nonacid, nonalkaline, noncorrosive. Will not harm plumbing fixtures or garbage disposals.

Pink Dishwash Concentrated Dishwashing Detergent

PINK DISHWASH is specially formulated for sparkling clean dishes and spot free glasses. This product is lotionized with delicate skin conditioners to prevent skin dryness and cracking. No harsh alkalis to irritate skin. Provides a controlled pH. Performs well in hard water. Leaves no scum or film on utensils when rinsed well. May also be used on fine fabrics such as lingerie, nylons and woolens. Excellent for use in restaurants, hotels/motels, hospitals, institutions, schools and homes.

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