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Air Fresheners / Deodorizers

Dry Deodorizers

Dry mist counteractants quickly freshen entire areas such as laundry hampers, garbage pails, auto interiors, offices, gym lockers, sports shoes, closets and more. This specially formulated malodor counteractant eliminates the toughest odors such as tobacco smoke, vomit or urine that linger even after the source has been removed. The light formulation travels with air flow and destroys the odors where they hang. Special two-way valve allows spraying both right side up or upside down. Nonstaining, leaves no wet fallout on floors or furniture. Meets all current VOC standards.

Jelled Deodorizers

These unique jelled deodorants are designed to be used anywhere offensive odors are a problem. The clinging gel allows product to be applied on horizontal, vertical and irregularly shaped surfaces. Its slow releasing formulation continuously provides fragrance for extended periods of time. Then, the gel will totally evaporate. Ideal for use on hard, nonporous surfaces. Meets all current VOC standards.Spray on air conditioner filters, above doors, in trash receptacles, on walls, in port-a-toilets, above ceiling fans and behind toilets.

Total Release Odor Eliminators - Solvent-Based


Unique odor control effective in eliminating all types of malodors including urine, feces, decay, rancidity, animals, fire, tobacco smoke, cooking and mildew. Neutralizes and destroys odors in up to 6,000 cubic feet of space. HMIS Codes: H-1, F-4, R-1, P-A. 12–8 oz. cans/case. 5 oz. net wt.

365 Vanilla Ice Cream and 366 Miss Peach are private label only
363 Berry Fine – Mulberry Fragrance 366 Miss Peach – Peach Fragrance
365 Vanilla Ice Cream – Vanilla Fragrance 369 Fresh Linens – Linen Fragrance

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